Since 1827, U of T has educated hundreds of thousands of people who have gone on to leadership roles in every walk of life, on every continent. From groundbreaking scientists, artists, athletes, journalists, social entrepreneurs and business leaders to Nobel laureates, prime ministers and leading public intellectuals, our alumni have made outstanding contributions to our city, our province and our country, and to societies around the world. Their commitment to excellence strengthens and advances the University’s global reputation and mission.

Our alumni also engage directly with the life and mission of the University. Indeed, thousands of alumni are involved at U of T as advisors, mentors, volunteers and donors.

They give back by empowering students, assisting faculty members, adding to the University’s resources, and nurturing a culture of innovation, fellowship and achievement. They stay engaged by participating in our events and programs, sharing our stories with others and taking pride in our standing as one of the world’s best universities.

As an institution, we want to build on this goodwill and provide more reasons and opportunities for our alumni to engage with U of T. After all, a spirited and dedicated alumni corps can help brighten every aspect of the University.

Engaging Alumni Audiences

Although many alumni care about U of T, we must still present a compelling and persuasive case for their continuing engagement. Our alumni lead busy lives with competing commitments to family, work and community life. They have their own social and professional networks, and many live thousands of kilometres away. With this in mind, we must provide clear and inspiring reasons for their involvement and tangible examples of how their continuing engagement adds value to their lives.

Our Unique Value Proposition

When we communicate with our alumni, we want to present U of T as a lifetime resource for ideas, networks, connections and support. This unique value proposition emphasizes that wherever they live and whatever their stage of life, U of T can help them advance their career, enlarge their social capital and realize their goals for personal growth and impact.

Key Themes

  • U of T is a global family. U of T alumni are part of a global community with more than half a million members— the equivalent of a small city — all connected by their U of T experience. This network can prove to be invaluable as our alumni build their careers.
  • Our alumni are our most effective ambassadors. As leaders in their communities and professions, their success is the most persuasive advertisement imaginable for the transformative impact of a U of T education.
  • U of T is not only the place where our alumni pursued their undergraduate or graduate education, it is also a catalytic resource that they can draw on throughout their lives.
  • The U of T– alumni relationship is reciprocal. The engagement, advocacy and support of our alumni enrich the student experience, enhance the global reach and impact of our research and help raise the reputation and profile of the University of Toronto locally and globally. In return, helping to sustain a strong, globally relevant university adds value to every U of T degree.