Annual Fund Direct Mailings

Annual Fund Direct Mailings

Outer Envelope

We generally use a standard #10 envelope for annual fund direct mailings (DM). Any of the three Boundless headline approaches may be applied on the front of the envelope. Below are some options for presenting headlines, photography, the U of T signature, the Boundless wordmark, postal indicia and the return address in a visually appealing way.


Envelope with Boundless banner printed on
Envelope with impact statement printed on

Interior and Buck Slip

On the interior of the DM, the Boundless wordmark should appear along the right edge of the letter and should be positioned between folds.

The U of T signature should appear in the upper left corner, as well as in the upper right corner of the detachable buck slip.

The Boundless wordmark should only appear once on the letter.


Front of Direct mailing