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Social Media

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Social media enable us to connect with people and share great content. At U of T, we use our social media channels to promote our most recent stories, insights and discoveries and to celebrate the students, faculty and alumni who make our community so remarkable. By pushing out our most compelling stories through social media, we build relationships with our audiences, encouraging them to share our content and become brand ambassadors for the University.

Active accounts for U of T alumni are:

Channel Branding

Our social media channel pages reflect the Boundless branding where appropriate. For example, an image in the Boundless photography style will be used with the Boundless wordmark. Since some social networks prevent excessive branding on channels, using the Boundless wordmark on every channel may not always be feasible.

Our channels use common avatars for consistency.



Heavily branded images, including images with logos, do not generally perform well on social media posts, because they may be interpreted as advertising content. For this reason, we allow a wider range of image styles on social media. In most cases, the context should drive the image choice. Since our channels themselves are branded, consistency with the brand is ensured. Images that appear in our social media accounts should be:

  1. Relevant to the content, clear and emotionally compelling, with an obvious focal point
  2. Relatable in the way they tell a story
  3. Saved for online display at 72 dpi and free of pixelation
  4. Sized to suit each social media platform and oriented properly so that they optimize our social Refer to Sprout Social’s Image Guide
  5. Authentic images, not stock, whenever possible
  6. Owned by the University, in the public domain or used with explicit permission