Photography is a key element in telling the U of T story. Whether it shows a lab scene, a group of students or a building exterior, every photograph should be strategic and focus on capturing the essence and impact of the copy it accompanies.

Boundless imagery employs a contemporary palette with strategic areas of colour. A slight desaturation creates a consistent look and feel for images obtained from a variety of sources. This approach is especially useful when the communications department is working with images from external suppliers.

Vibrant and colourful areas within the imagery help create a more engaging look and feel across the Boundless platform.

Avoid photography that looks staged. When featuring people, action-driven situational shots are preferred. If a posed portrait shot is necessary, have the photo taken in a real environment, not a studio.

All photography presented on the following pages is for reference only. Please use original photography wherever possible.

Negative Space

All photography should have a generous amount of negative space that can house content. This will ensure the U of T signature and any other elements can be placed in an area that is clear and uncluttered.

Convocation Hall Sky


When selecting architectural or landscape photography, avoid overly cluttered or colourful compositions and look for negative spaces such as the sky that can house typographic content.

Architecture shot with clear sky for inserting copy
Building with lots of foliage and clear sky for inserting copy
Image of a room that is very cluttered - cannot insert copy

Essense of Impact

Close-up shots with a strong focal point help draw attention to the key idea or outcome of a story.

Blue circuitry design
Flicking switch to off
Close up of an eye


When portraits are necessary and specific individuals are being featured, place them against the background that best helps tell their story. It is not essential for the subject to face the camera.

Young man sitting with a group of people
A Young man sitting underneath a large red painting
A group of people collaborating