Why Boundless?

Why Boundless?

Boundless is a powerful, aspirational idea that captures the University’s character, core values and global impact in a human and emotional way. Originally conceived as a campaign idea that articulates the value of supporting U of T, Boundless strives to convey the essence of what the University stands for in our society.

At its core, Boundless expresses our community’s irrepressible drive to transcend boundaries and challenge convention, our breadth and depth of expertise, our diversity and global reach, and our limitless potential to address the most important issues of our time.

Few universities in the world can credibly claim this territory. The most prestigious international rankings consistently place U of T first in Canada and among the top 20 universities in the world, and within the top 10 among publicly funded universities.

Our alumni community comprises more than 540,000 people in 197 countries. Our first-year students come from 111 countries and more than 900 municipalities.

We are situated within one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, where half of the population was born outside Canada.

Our researchers actively collaborate with more than 1,200 institutions in some 950 jurisdictions around the world. Their efforts push the limits of knowledge and create new possibilities for greater health, prosperity and social progress, both for Canadians and for every other nationality.

From exploring the complexities of the human experience to reimagining the future of cities to creating hand-held devices that can detect disease in minutes, U of T is about breaking down barriers, defying the status quo and building a better world for tomorrow.

Being part of this community—as a researcher, a student, a graduate or a supporter — provides an opportunity to pursue individual passions and address the issues people care about. With Boundless, we want to convey this sense of possibility and personal relevance to our audiences.