Our templates are designed to help you prepare high-quality materials for meetings and presentations in a consistent and timely fashion. The templates range from two-page briefs to detailed proposals, and fully comply with the Boundless brand.

Step one: download the fonts

Trade Gothic

Trade Gothic must be installed for use of these templates and can be purchased online, or may be available through pre existing licensing agreements. For more info, consult your IT support or email advancement.brand@utoronto.ca.

Step two: download the tools

Presentation Template

The PowerPoint deck can be adapted to a variety of presentation requirements. There are a number of slide options to choose from.

Proposal & Case Templates

Two-page format

This format is designed for presenting a potential funding opportunity (a scholarship, a chair, a new centre, etc.) to a prospective donor and gauging his or her interest in supporting that particular priority. A more detailed proposal can be developed based on the donor’s response. The template can also be used a backgrounder on general opportunities and/or other advancement-related documents. There are three basic options:

Four-page format

Similar to the two-pager, the four-page format can be used for presenting an opportunity or a more general advancement priority to a donor or volunteer. The additional pages allow for greater detail and larger pictures. There are two basic format options:

Detailed format

This format is designed for detailed proposals. There are options for photos and other elements such as callout boxes, sidebars, tables, etc.

Technical Style Guides for Web Developers